Castle Tank Beer ABV: 5.0%:

Tank Beer

There’s a first time for everything. Now, for the first time ever, it’s possible to enjoy Castle 1895 Draught straight from the brewery – an experience previously only available to our brew masters.

Introducing Castle 1895 Draught’s Brewery Fresh Tank Beer – Unpasteurised and piped directly from the bright beer tanks at our Newlands brewery into a dedicated “Fresh Beer” delivery truck, from which the precious cargo is transferred into crafted 500L copper tanks, only found at exclusive, hand selected outlets, and straight into your glass. All this in a matter of hours after being brewed. Castle 1895 Draught’s Brewery Fresh Tank Beer has zero contact with outside air until the moment it hits your glass, guaranteeing a freshness unlike ever before.

This is the most progressively crafted beer delivery concept in the world, and is strictly speaking, the most ideal way to serve beer. A first of its kind in Africa, Brewery Fresh Tank Beer is one of the smoothest, and most distinctive tasting beers available on the continent.

Make your way down to Quay Four to be one of the first in Africa to enjoy Brewery Fresh Tank Beer, for an experience incomparable in both taste and rarity.